Here are some things I've made.

ADT // A digital statue. An experiment using three.js to render an object derived from a 3D scan of a person taken with an MS Kinect and Skanect.

ASCII Geometry // A custom, 32-sided geometric form rendered in ASCII art.

Camino Data // A compilation of quantified self data taken during my trek of the Camino De Santiago. Data pulled from my Garmin Forerunner 220 and iPhone.

Colour Divide // An experiment using D3.js to compute a 'quad tree' of an input image. If you drag n' drop an image from your desktop it will compute that image!

Kinect Depth // Interactive visualization of depth data from an MS Kinect rendered with three.js and video inputs.

YXE Pano // Exploration of panoramics using the Google Cardboard boilerplate and photostitching apps to create a local, interactive 'photosphere' example.

Web VR // Another experiment using Google Cardboard and three.js to create a detailed interactive virtual reality space.

@thestarpheonix // Made a @horse_ebooks style Twitter bot using Python and Heroku that creates wonky tweets based on the real tweets from our local newspaper - The Star Phoenix.